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New Eltham Greenway Connections

Proposed Accessibility Improvements 

Public Notification 

November 2014 



• Install four cycle parking stands to serve the railway station and the shops 

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is developing a wide network of Greenways across the borough. These will provide safe cross-borough quiet routes for pedestrians, cycles and wheelchair users as an alternative to the major roads. In many cases these paths exist already, but are in need of maintenance to improve access for all users. 

What are the proposed improvements? 

The plans in New Eltham are to; 

• Resurface worn parts of the footpath between Blanmerle Road and Footscray Road, north of New Eltham Railway Station

• Provide signage to the station from Blanmerle Road on Footscray Road 

The map below shows an overview of the proposed improvements. 

The path will be signed as ‘shared use’, with pedestrian priority, and considerate cycling permitted. A dropped kerb will be provided where the path meets Blanmerle Road. 

The improvement works will take place in spring 2015. If you have any comments on the proposals, please contact Eddie Jackson by Friday 30th November 2014 using the contact details below. 

Eddie Jackson, Senior Transport Planner 

Strategic Transportation, Regeneration, Enterprise and Skills, Woolwich Centre, 35 

Wellington Street, Woolwich, London, SE18 6HQ 

Telephone: 0208 921 2757 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.