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The New Eltham Business Association (NEBA) is part of a larger project called Renew New Eltham and the aim is to brighten up the appearance of New Eltham and bring the community together.

NEBA is an association of the local businesses in New Eltham. In the first year it will be concentrating on the shops and businesses that run along and are adjacent to Footscray Road from Bercta Road to Wyborne School.

A Festival Day was held on Saturday 19th September (10am to 3pm) so that businesses and residents of New Eltham could meet and have time to talk to each other. It was your opportunity to tell the local businesses what you would like them to do to make your shopping experience better.

If you would like to become a member of NEBA please contact Mike Healey on 020 8859 4000

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Watch the Festival Day video