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16/06/2014 Retirement

Waiving the Flag

Waiving flags is great in World Cup year, but here on the NERA committee, we're just as keen on waiving our own little 'flag'. Month in and month out, we meet with residents and councillors to form and put forward a platform of activity to raise the profile of New Eltham and make improvements to our street scene, its policing, and our local facilities. Why? Because one way or another, all of us living here are showing some level of commitment to the area, and a better neighbourhood makes for a happier neighbourhood. Whether it's traffic speeds, green play spaces for our kids, or just a stronger community 'feel', it's all worthwhile.   

New Eltham is fortunate. Just twenty minutes from London Bridge, with parks and woodlands in abundance, good eateries and pubs close at hand, one of the lowest crime rates of all of Greenwich and S.E. London, and good road links and schools, all make it the unsung gem in the estate agents' portfolios. And why am I saying this? Because after many years on the committee, this particular committee member is retiring. Many of us find family and work needs fall away with age, giving us many new opportunities. My wife and I are going to be spending more and more time on our favourite pastime, walking the fells and byeways of England. So, as someone who has enjoyed doing their bit, on the very friendly and worthwhile NERA committee, this is a plea. A plea to anyone who would like to come along, meet us and maybe join the committee. No special skills are needed and there is no onerous work list. It is usually just a friendly round-up and get together with councillors and representatives of other local groups. But there is always scope for the more energetic and zealous! As a final observation, NERA is non-political. No-one is interested in anyone else's political views, and our councillors, who freely and thankfully give their support, leave their own very firmly outside the door. 

Can I ask anyone who thinks they would like to replace me and fill one or two other spaces (we have no limit but you must live in New Eltham) to please contact us through the channels given on this website.   

Many thanks, and signing off, A "NERA Committee Member and Grateful Resident"


20/11/2013 Defibrillator

Is there a defibrillator available publicly in New Eltham? If there isn't, perhaps NERA could look at this as another worthy project. I'd be most grateful if you would publish this on your letters page, it may be other organisations in the area have one or know of one. Thanks.


15/05/2013 Green Belt Building

After seeing the photo of the hungry tums cafe on the website - I thought you may like to advertise the following link for the cessation of green belt building and to fine landlords who leave accommodation/premises unoccupied for more than 6 months. Only need 100,000 signatures before next Feb to get it discussed in parliament.

Jan Wainwright


27/03/2013 Cycle Path

Eltham Nature Club would like the support of New Eltham Residents Association in opposing the council's proposal for a cycle path from Southend Crescent into Avery Hill Park. I attach a letter of objection I have written to them in response to the consultation period, which ends on April 8. I am supported by both the Eltham Society and the Nuala from the Friends of Avery Hill Park. I'm hoping that the more voices we can mobilise, the more chance of stopping the proposal in its tracks. The comments need to go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. John Webb, Eltham Nature Club - See comments below. - Note from NERA: our next committee meeting will not be held until the consultation deadline. New Eltham residents are invited to respond as they see fit.

John Webb


26/03/2013 Cycle Path

COMMENTS BY ELTHAM NATURE CLUB 1. The Club’s aim is to to promote understanding, enjoyment and knowledge of the natural history of Eltham and surrounding areas. 2. Encouraging usage of parks by members of the public is consistent with this aim, and any measures taken to further this, by walkers, joggers and cyclists are welcome. 3. Members of the club themselves are keen cyclists, and welcome facilities provided to enable easy access to parks and open spaces. 4. Therefore, the Club is enthusiastic about the proposal to invest money in providing paths which will encourage and enable cycling in Avery Hill Park. It should be another reason for people to come into park and enjoy the natural environment. 5. While encouraging greater park usage, the Club is clear that any proposed new facility should be consistent with the park as it currently exists and should not detract from its amenity and natural value, not only for the benefit of cyclists but for all park users. 6. Avery Hill is a patchwork of different habitats and landscapes. In the North East, it is dominated by the grandeur of the Winter Gardens and associated 19th century architecture of the former mansion. 7. The remainder of the eastern side of the park is traditional amenity recreation ground, with sports pitches, mature trees, playground, MUGA and café. 8. The west of the park becomes more rural in aspect with ditches, streams, a network of hedgerows, un-mown areas and un-interrupted vistas of parkland. The park connects with Bexley Road to the north via Butterfly Lane, which is a made-up lane and an ancient footpath running alongside Pippin Hall allotments. To Southend Crescent and to the south of Butterfly Lane, there is a section of narrow, un-made paths, overcrowded by trees, shrubs and undergrowth which give a completely rural aspect. For several hundred yards, the atmosphere is a unique one for SE9; visitors are away from all traffic, noise, views of buildings and man-made structure of any description. 9. In proposing a wide stretch of made-up cycle/footpath, the Club would wish to make the following points: a) The creation of a cycle path around areas of the traditional park area and running alongside the Mansion site, would be a welcome addition , in particular to the south where cycling can be difficult and, in wet weather, impossible. b) The incursion of the path into the western end of the park is more problematic. The Club welcomes the decision to excise the previous proposal for an arc-like stretch of connecting path, which would have prejudiced the landscape value created by the existing parallel pattern of hedgerows. Introducing any man-made feature into this landscape would be an intrusion However, for the benefit of creating a path which would enable a cyclist to circumnavigate the park, is it probably a price worth paying, providing it closely followed the existing field boundaries. c) The suggestion that the new formal cycle path should enter the network of natural paths leading to Southend Cresent and Butterfly Lane is one that the Club would strongly resist. In particular, it would completely destroy the atmosphere and ambience of those narrow lanes. For sure, in wet weather, these paths become boggy and more challenging to navigate. However, both for walkers and cyclists, this provides a further connection with the natural environment, a contrast to the ubiquitous paving and tarmac of the surrounding suburban environment. Such a move would be an act of landscape vandalism which would severely prejudice an environment which has existed for many centuries. The Club uses these paths for field trips, most recently for an evening bat walk, the half-light adding to the wild natural experience. 10. The Club appreciates that the aim is to encourage more cyclists to traverse the park from east to west; also that this connection might be needed to unlock money from GLA budgets. The former might be helped by better signage, distributed literature and websites. The latter will need to be negotiated by officers. However, the destruction of the natural landscape of these paths is not a price worth paying, nowhere near close. 11. There is an associated risk of conflict between bikes and walkers which would be created in the current area of natural paths between the park proper and Southend Crescent/Butterfly Lane. 12. Sightlines are not good in all parts here and bicycles travelling, even at normal at speed, but encouraged by a smooth surface running on significantly downhill slope, would be a hazard to pedestrians, who include old people, people walking dogs and with toddlers. 13. In addition, while it is possible for some recreational cyclists might be encouraged into the park as a result of creating the link with Southend Crescent, it is unlikely that cyclists would traverse the park on longer journeys elsewhere because: a) looking at the map, going through the park would be longer, almost two sides of a triangle compared with going along Bexley Road; b) the passage through the park would not be on a straight line; c) Bexley Road has a dedicated cycle lane, unimpeded by pedestrians, which is also direct and straight; d) Exiting onto Southend Crescent is inconvenient and across a busy road with no crossing or cycle facilities IN CONCLUSION 15. Some parts of the proposals have a great deal of merit. However, they contain elements which would be seriously prejudicial to the natural landscape heritage of Eltham and should on no account be pursued.



07/03/2013 New Eltham Sign

I have the following comments to make on the draft sign in the March edition of SE9. My first impression is that you have totally missed the point and the draftis, in my mind, complete rubbish. If you are to reflect the original village concept thensurely you should represent the features at the time and not a mish mash of modern, and in some cases, irrelevant modern features which we can see for ourselves. I would have thought that the relevent features would be the railway, the school, the beehive Pub, the Library and the church in Bercta Road. If you must represent the railway then at least it should be a locomotive which ran on the S E Railway and not a pacific mainline loco which never ran locally. The reference to a golf club is irrelevant as it is in Eltham and the modern house and sports club references are also too modern. As I said earlier let us see what it was like as a village as we can see for ourselves what it looks like today. Basically you need to start again as the current draft represents what New Eltham is today and not what it was originally. I would be most unhappy if ths were planted in the midle of the "Village".

Via email


07/03/2013 New Eltham Sign

I am sorry to say that I think the sign is awful. The depiction of the very ugly 1930s houses bears no resemblance to the very varied and attractive houses in our lovely area. We do not have a golf course here - it is in Eltham, and more cricket and football are played here than hockey. Where is hockey played in New Eltha? There are a number of unique and significant buildings, one or two of which could be attractivly portrayed. The library is a great example of 1930s architecture, Wyborne school has been a much loved school for about 140 years and educated generations of local people. The Beehive is a unique popular building with a long history of serving local people and many visitors and Theobald cottages are very pretty and a real asset to the area. We live in a lovely green, vibrant locality and it should be depicted as an attractive desirable place to live. I do not want to see that hideous sign every time I go to the shops, library or the station.

Via email


23/07/2012 Rubbish

I'm now pleased to be a member of NERA, Let's see if you've got some teeth! I understand you often meet with our councillors. Can they explain here why they seem powerless to stop the on-going dumping of rubbish and furniture/mattresses, etc, apparently from the flats above the shops between the Co-op and Blanmerle Road. Never before, with the Olympics and the eyes of the world upon us, have I felt so ashamed to live in this neigh ourhood! Thankyou

Disgusted Resident


 16/06/2012 Graffiti

The play equipment within Southwood park kids play area has graffiti sprayed over, that is rather unsightly, and affects an otherwise pleasant environment. I took some pictures of it to send to Greenwich council and will ring the council about it. Is the association also aware of this problem?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


14/04/2012 Water Leaks

As we now have yet another Thames Water hosepipe ban please report to Thames Water any water leaks you see in the local streets. There are currently two leaks in Green Lane, one of which has been gushing for up to five years! Yes, five years!!!!! The newer leak, towards Edgebury, is now being attended to and men are digging up the pavement, but the old leak just after the William Barefoot Dr turn off on the way to Chislehurst (right side) appears long forgotten. Orange barrier fencing still around. I have reported it again online and hopefully Thames Water will send someone to have a look at it soon. Goodness knows how much water has been lost via that leak alone!! However, to back up the report, I have emailed details to Nick Ferrari on LBC who is compiling a list of water leaks to send to Thames Water, so with a bit of luck it will be picked up there too. If you see any leaks please don't just ignore them! To report on internet, please go Thames Water and fill the form in online or phone them via the phone number listed. Also don't forget to send a copy of details to LBC via Nick Ferrari.

June Hurst