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Friends of Southwood Park Autumn Report 2014
The park has seen far more use since the new football club, Kingfisher Sports Club, has taken over residence in the park from London Girls Football Club.
Kingfisher is a junior club which has football available for youngsters from the age of 4 years upwards.
Due to council cutbacks and different priorities the park has become a little run down, and the vegetation has become overgrown throughout the park.
The Secretary of Friends of the Park and the local Councillor have been liaising with the management of the park, to discuss issues of concern, and ways to address these.  Hedges, trees, seating, the children's play area,the shrub garden, dog faeces, general litter etc are issues that have been discussed with the Council. [See photographs and videos below.]
It is hoped that the majority of these issues will be addressed by the Council in the near future.
If there are any issues of concern that users of the park feel there is a need to be addressed, please let us know, or inform
Graffiti on barbecue table to be tidied up, and possibility of waste bins to be located there,
and next to seat by railway lines.
Broken tree branch laying against railway fence to be removed. 
Heavy roller to be disposed of for safety reasons.
Lower branches on young oak tree in back field to be removed for safety reasons.
Overgrown hawthorn bushes and pathway at rear of houses to be trimmed and tidied.
Entrance to sports field leading to club house to be tidied up and large stones removed.
New location has been tried for River of Flowers, some success, but next year we hope to improve this.
Shrub Garden. The overgrown areas will be tidied up and new shrubs added.
Hedge at end of library to be tidied up so as to match existing hedge next to library.
Overgrown hedge on west side of children's playground to be trimmed and tidied up.
Clear overgrown area between the two fields to encourage people to use the back field more.